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Competition Results


5th May 2019 Competition Results for the Charity Shield - 2 Clubs and a Putter

6th April 2019 Competition Results for the Seve Trophy

10th March 2019 Competition Results for the Kingfisher Cup

10th February 2019 Competion Results for the Ken Hogan Trophy

6th January 2019 Competion Results for the Challenge Cup

2018 Results

Town Meadow Trophy 2018

Texas Scramble 2018

September Medals 2018

Presidents Shield 2018

Nearest the Pin: Scott Drummie

Football Card: Paul Wake

Captains Day 2018

 Captains Day 2018

Played at Farnham Park GC
Oak Park GC

August Medals 2018

Duncan King Trophy 2018

Nearest the Pin: Ian Mackin

Football Card 1: Tony Whiting

Football Card 2: Tom Dearden

Veterans Bowl 2018

July Medals 2018

TMGC v Farnham GC Home 2018

TMGC 2 1/2 Points

Farnham GC 2 1/2 Points

It was a Draw

Snowball Order of Merit 2017-18

July Pairs Combined Stableford 2018

Nearest the Pin: Gary Whiteside

Football Card: Ian Mackin

June Medals 2018

Club Championship Scratch Results 2018

Club Championship Handicap Results 2018

May Medals 2018

Charity Shield 2018

Winner Mike England

2nd Scott Drummie

Football Card: Tony Whiting

Nearest the Pin: Mike England


David Hoare Trophy 2018

Football Card: Scott Drummie

Nearest the Pin: Tony Whiting

Ken Hogan Shield Pairs

1st Dermot Newe & Angelo

Football Card: Scott Drummie

Nearest The Pin: Greg Saunders

Challenge Cup 2018

Nearest the pin: Ian Mackin

Football Card: Adam Clay

Squirrel Cup 2017

Nearest the Pin: Danny Wiltshire

Footy Card1: Arron Leslie

Footy Card2: Poppy

September Medals 2017

Presidents Cup 2017

Melrae Press 2017

August Medals 2017

Captains Day 2017

Cams Hall Fareham

Hosted by Phil Jarrette

Walker Trophy Pairs 2017

July Monthly Medals 2017

Club Championships 2017

The event is played using both Scratch and Handicap Scoring.

Football Card: Phil Jarrett

Nearest the Pin: Tom Dearden

June Medal 2017

Charity Shield 2017

2 Clubs & Putter Singles Stroke Play

1st:  Ian Mackin    54

2nd:  Phil Jarrett   58

Nearest the Pin:  Fred Montford

Football card: Phil Jarrett

Well done Ian

May Medals 2017

Congratulations to Bryan Holden for winning the May Medals 

The Snowball Trophy 2016-17 Order of Merit

April Seve Trophy 2017

1st Duncan King & Ian Mackin 64 points combined on Countback

2nd Gary Beecham & Scott Drummie 64 points

Nearest the Pin: Adam Clay

April Medals 2017

Kingfisher Cup 2017

Ken Hogan Shield 2017

Results for the Ken Hogan Shield Pairs Combined Stableford:

1st: Dermot Newe & Alan Wilson
Runners Up: Duncan King & Greg Jarrett

Nearest the Pin: Duncan King
Football Card: Angelo

Texas Challenge 2016

Results for the Texas Scramble.

Teams:                                         Strokes:

1st: Danny, Adam, Rob, Tony       44 

2nd: Phil. Paul, Harminder, Mick 48

3rd: Angelo. Alan, Tom, Chris     49

4th: Ian, Kim, David, Scott          50

Nearest the Pin: Scott

Football Card: Harmider

Squirrel Cup 2016

Nearest the pin: Angelo
Football Card: Scott Drummie

Congratulations to Duncan King

Also presentation of King's Trophy 2016

Walker Trophy Drawn Pairs 2016

Nearest the Pin: Kim Tierney

Football Card: Lee Collins

Farnham Park Sunday Section at Home 2016

This years event saw a 4 - 3 lead from the away leg in favour of Town Meadow.

The Home event was a 31/2 to 11/2 win for Town Meadow.

Overall Result:

Town Meadow GC 71/2

Farnham Park GC 41/2

Club Championship 2016

Scratch Event

Handicap Event

Nearest the Pin: Scott Drummie

Football Card: Luke Cambianica

Charity Shield 2016.

Results of the Charity Shield 2016

1st Danny Wiltshire 51

Melrae Press 2016.

Brass Monkey 2016.

Congratulations to Tom & Danny
Runners-up Angelo & Mike

Order of Merit 2016 so far

Order of Merit Final Standings 2015.

Seve Trophy 2016

Nearest the Pin: Mike England
Football Card: Phil Jarrett

Presidents Shield 2016

Football Card: Greg Saunders

Nearest the Pin: Charles Whiteman

Ken Hogan Shield 2016

Drawn Pairs:

1st  Duncan King & Ian Mackin
2nd Greg Saunders & Greg Jarrett

Nearest the Pin: Rob Walker
Football Card: Paul Wake

David Hoare Trophy 2016

Nearest The pin: Alan Wilson
Football Card: Greg Saunders

Challenge Cup 2016

Town Meadow Trophy 2015

Nearest the Pin: Greg Saunders
Football Card: Ken Dodd

Thank you to all for Debbie gifts and card.

November Medals 2015

Winner Dermot Newe

( I have misplaced the score cards so will add full details once I locate them)

Texas Challenge 2015

The winning team were:
Greg Saunders
Demot Newe
Mike England

Football Card:
Gary Beecham

October Medals Stableford 2015

King's Trophy 2015

Congratulations to the winning pair:

Danny Wiltshire & Tom Dearden

Runner's Up:
Ian Mackin & Jamie Rogers

October Medals 2015


Ken Dodd

The Squirrel Cup 2015

Results of the Competition played on 11 September 2015 at Town Meadow

2 Clubs & Putter event

1st Alan Wilson 55

2nd Phil Jarrett 56

Nearest the pin: Greg Saunders

Football Card: Paul Wake

Walker Trophy Pairs 2015

August Medals Stableford 2015

Club Championship Scratch Event 2015

Club Championship Handicap Event 2015

Veterans Bowl 2015

Charity Shield July 2015

June Monthly Medal 2015

Melrae Press 2015

Nearest the pin: Tony Whiting

May Medals 2015


Town Meadow Golf

Competition Result

Monthly Medal May 2015

Result of the May Medals 2015 at Town Meadow



Score Placing

1  Bill Gahan 72 - 24 = 48 Overall Winne

2  Ken Dodd 69 - 20 = 49 Overall Runner-Up

3  Rob Walker 71 - 18 = 53 Overall 3rd

4  Dermot Newe 73 - 19 = 54

5  Paul Wake 74 - 20 = 54 6  Mano Singh 81 - 27 = 54

7  Danny Wiltshire 62 - 07 = 55 Lowest Gross Score

8  Dave Slater 78 - 21 = 57

9  Ted Kinge 77 - 19 = 58

10  Dave Hack 87 - 28 = 59

11  Angelo Cambianica 72 - 12 = 60

12  Alan Ingram 87 - 25 = 62

Number of Cards Processed = 12


Next Competition June 21st

Next Medals Weekend June 12 -16 & June 26 - 30


There were 4 Twos recorded:

Hole 3 Ted Kinge

Hole 5 Ken Dodd

Hole 8 Danny Wiltshire

Hole 14 Paul Wake

TMGC v Test Valley 2015

On Sunday 31st May, we held our first of what we hope will become an annual fixture in the TMGC Event Calender.
We hosted 12 players from Test Valley in a Four Ball Better Ball Matchplay.
All visitors commented on how great the course is looking and how well the greens are playing.
The weather held off after a quick downpour which didn't dampen the spirits too much.

After the match we all adjourned to the Red Lion pub for refreshments and the results.
The Buffet was exceptional and well done to Greg Saunders for doing another great job and organising the event.
Thank you to Brian from Test Valley for bringing along his team.

The results were in favour of TMGC 4.5 points to Test Valley 1.5 points.
Nearest to the pins were:
Paul Wake & Duncan King
We look forward to the return match at Test Valley.
Dates have yet to be confirmed.

Thank you to all those who took part and the ground staff.

Seve Memorial Trophy 2015

You may have noticed the deliberate mistake in that I processed the cards as Stroke Play and not Stableford scoring.

The results are the same but do not show the Stableford points only the better ball stroke totals.


April Medals 2015

Congratulations to Dave Slater on winning this months medals

Ken Hogan Shield Results 2015

March Medal Results 2015

Division 1

Division 2

March David Hoare Trophy Results 2015

Football Card Winner: Ian Farmery
Nearest The Pin Winner: Lee Wolvey

Full Press Release of Event.
Full Score Analysis of Event.

February Challenge Cup Results 2015

Football Card Winner: Paul Reavley
Nearest The Pin Winner: Mike England

Full Press Release of event.

January Stableford Results 2015

Football card winner: Phil Nolan

Christmas Golf Day Results

Team Positions

Individual Results

Skills Prizes!


October - Medals Competition Results

 Player Name
  Peter Zigyer
  Bill Gahan
  3rd T
 Tom Dearden
 Paul Wake
 7th T
 Paul Reavley
 Ted Kinge
 Mano Singh
 Ken Dodd
 Chris Mayhew
 Colin Stone
 Lee Collins

September - Texas Scramble Competition Results

Winner of the £10 football card was Dermot Newe

July - Individual Stroke Play Competition Results

June - Individual Stableford Competition Results
Easter Sunday Town Meadow

On Easter Sunday a few golfer ventured out to try a competitive round of golf on the new layout at Town Meadow, this was the first competative round of golf played since last October.  Victory on the day went to Dermot Newe.  Thanks again to Denis and the team who have managed to make the course playable.

Test Valley Pairs Competition - March 2014

Nearest the Pin (5th) - Ian Farmery

Longest Drive (3rd) - Greg Saunders

Nearest the Pin in two (15th) - Rob Walker

October Medals 2013

The October Monthly event was cancelled due to a waterlogged course.

This event will be held on November 10th Sunday at 9am

Results for October Medals:

1st Paul Wake           34 Points (On countback)

T2 Peter Zygier         34

      Angelo                34

4th Rob Walker         31

T5  Alan Wilson        30

      Ian Farmery        30

      Ken Dodd           30

8th  Bryan Holden     27

9th  Greg Saunders    25

10th Tom Dearden    21

1st   Phil Nolan           37 Points

2nd  Alan Ingram        34

3rd   Gary Beecham    33

4th    Dermot Newe    28

Monthly medals will resume in 2014

September Medals 2013

Div 1

1st Peter Zygier 50 Nett (57 Gross) On Countback  COURSE RECORD

T2 Kevin  Stares 50 Nett (57 Gross)  COURSE RECORD

     Bryan Holden 50

4th   Greg Saunders 53

5th  Danny Wiltshire 55

6th  Tom Dearden  59

T7  Ken Dodd  61

      Angelo  61

9th Ted Kinge  64

10th Bob Kidgell  66

11th Peter McAloon 66

Div 2

1st T. Stephenson  52
2nd James            54

3rd Doug Wilson  60
4th  Kyalo            61
5th Dermot Newe  62